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Pedigree Information

Welcome to the NKR Registry Pedigree Information system.

When the National Kiko Registry began operation in 2011, the goal was to run the company like a business, putting clients first and running the most efficient, cost effective Kiko registry in the world. The rapid and continued growth of the company shows we are doing something right. We are proud to have the largest and oldest Kiko operations — plus hundreds of newcomers to the industry — utilizing our professional registry services.

NKR pedigrees are created using information provided to the National Kiko Registry by its clients. Because the NKR accepts the transfer and registration of goats and their offspring from other Kiko registries, you may find some goats listed under more than one name or registration number. Any registration number that does not begin with "N" is from another goat registry. Non-NKR registration numbers are for reference only. Pedigree information from other registries may be incomplete. Please allow up to 60 days for new data to be uploaded.

You are invited to review the Kiko goats that are in our registry. The search screen allows you to select by using the dropdowns or by entering known information in the appropriate search fields.

When only partial information is provided, the system will use that information for the search selection criteria.

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